Protection requirements for equipment and personnel during the forming process of stamping parts

Issuing time:2018-04-04 08:43

Although the processing quality of the workpiece is very important, the protection problem during the operation should be paid more attention to avoid unnecessary danger. Next, we will focus on the protective measures in the processing of stamping parts. Can we meet the corresponding standards?

The first is the protection against the stamping equipment. In order to prevent the operator from being damaged by the chipping, it is necessary to install the baffle at a suitable position of the equipment. At the same time, the chucks, disk and other parts on the stamping equipment must be equipped with stable bolts and ensure that they are tightened. In addition, the tapered shaft chuck should also be equipped with a lever to be more secure.

Before the stamping, check the working condition of the equipment, and find that the problem should be dealt with in time. The use of the protective cover of each component is indispensable, so as to prevent the rotating parts from being caught in the clothing and other parts of the body during the operation. In the absence of a protective cover, the operation should be focused on the interval, not close.

There are also some protection requirements for the operator. Do not open the cuffs when working, and wear protective equipment such as protective clothing and protective caps, but do not wear gloves. When the workpiece in the equipment changes, it is forbidden to rub the sanding parts with hand or to wipe the parts with cotton sand. It is also forbidden to use the hand to cut the chips.

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