How to make car parts more durable?

Issuing time:2018-04-04 08:44

There are already a lot of understandings of auto parts, so it’s a bit familiar with the secrets of making auto parts longer. You may also want to pay attention to them, which will help to maintain the safety and stability of the car. .

First of all, it is the cylinder of the automobile engine. The internal cylinder gasket should be paid attention to during installation. Never reverse it, otherwise it will be easily damaged. The same can not be reversed is the fan blades of the engine, which will cause a series of serious consequences. Secondly, it is necessary to consider the filter of the car. Although it is not the core device of the car, it should be cleaned and maintained in time to avoid affecting the filtration effect.

Since it comes to cleaning, you have to say in detail that if you use a paper air filter, you should avoid using oil to clean it. Some cortical parts in the car also have such regulations. There are also some parts that are used at one time, so it should be replaced in time to avoid further accidents.

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