What is the inspection standard for stamping parts processing?

Issuing time:2018-04-04 08:44

The metal stamping part is a forming method of a workpiece (pressing part) of a desired shape and size by applying an external force to a plate, a strip, a pipe, a profile, and the like by a press and a mold to cause plastic deformation or separation. Stamping and forging are the same plastic processing (or pressure processing), collectively called forging. The stamped blanks are mainly hot rolled and cold rolled steel sheets and strips. How to test the Nanpi stampings?

Stamping parts inspection is basically the same as other products. First, there must be an inspection standard. As a reference for parts inspection, it can be used as the inspection standard for stamping parts:

1. Parts Drawing/Inspection Guidance (Standard) Book: Some simple stamping parts can be inspected by comparing the various dimensions marked in the drawing, so QC will first look at the picture, which is the most basic skill, followed by various The use of measuring instruments, the most basic tape measure, caliper, micrometer, watch, pass gauge and so on.

2, special inspection tools: This is relatively simple, according to the actual situation of the parts, you need to be skilled.

3. Samples: For some parts that have no inspection tools but are more complex in shape and cannot be expressed in 2D drawings. This is more intuitive, and the test can be done with sufficient care.

The above is the inspection standard. After that, it is basically a test for the beginning of the game. Other aspects are not expressed on the drawings. You need to be familiar with the stamping process and experience, for example, just get one hand. Parts, the master can immediately know where to focus, where is the problem, what is the possible cause of the problem, what will happen to the subsequent process and the entire part, what effect will it have on the mold, how to adjust, let Production line personnel pay attention to what and so on. These are not one or two sentences that can be clearly stated and require a lot of experience. What are the defects of automotive stamping parts? Defects of stamping parts: pits, pitting, scratches, streaks, necking, cracking, rolling, pulling, deep drawing, non-straight, wrinkling, burr, loss, Hole deformation, hole defect, hole deviation, flange warping, flanging/bending not in place, trim line/flange/bend line offset, flanging height mismatch, forming (drawing)/shaping not in place, stiffness Poor and so on.

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